Brainerd Sesquicentennial

Preserve the legacy of your business in the sesquicentennial time capsule!


On September 19, 1871, the City of Brainerd began its storied history with a simple business transaction—a signed plat of land that was officially recorded a few days later. As the railroad industry boomed, the city’s businesses came together to form the Brainerd Board of Trade in 1882. That organization is now called the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce, and we’re still promoting community growth and prosperity today.

On Wednesday, September 22, the Chamber will host a special Business After Hours to celebrate the Sesquicentennial and honor 150 years of business in Brainerd! It will be part of a week-long community celebration. The event will include a time capsule to be opened 150 years in the future!

Sesquicentennial Celebration

Time Capsule

Get inside the capsule by sponsoring a caplet!

In the year 2,171, a future generation will unveil the contents of the time capsule. For just $250, you can preserve your businesses’ unique history by purchasing a specially sealed caplet box! Space is limited to 50 caplet boxes that will be stored within the larger container. All proceeds from caplet sales will fund the restoration of Brainerd’s historic water tower. Caplet sponsors will receive special recognition and honor at the event.

What would you put in the time capsule?

Ideas for businesses:

  • Letter to future generations
  • Photos of your staff and building
  • History of the origination of your business
  • Product from your business
  • An advertisement or flyer
  • Marketing swag
  • List of products and services with pricing
  • Photo of what staff wear to work
  • Artifacts, tools, or supplies and a description of what staff use it for
  • A recipe for a signature drink or a dish
  • Documentation of well-known projects that your business worked on

Ideas for individuals:

  • Predictions about the future
  • Family photos
  • A local magazine or newspaper
  • Tickets to an event
  • Map of the area
  • A price list of things like gas, milk, college, etc.

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