Blue Ox Success Series: Handling the Hybrid Work World


Our work world has changed. The last 2 years have created a world where remote work, hybrid meetings, and team members in different locations is normal and expected. This can be difficult to navigate, and even harder to successfully implement. We are here to help.

Through our Success Series Workshop: Handling the Hybrid Work World, you will better understand the complexity, benefits, and planning needed to create a hybrid work experience for your office and employees.

We'll focus on:

    • Hybrid– What are we talking about?
    • Planning– I didn’t think about that!
    • Flexibility– This is more than being able to do your laundry.
    • Creativity– One shoe does not fit everyone.
    • Wrap up – We can make it work!

Meet the Speaker: Jon Ruis

Jon Ruis is the Owner and Principal of Ruis Consulting Group. Throughout Jon’s career, he has trained, consulted, and worked with many different types of organizations from Fortune 500 organizations to small startup organizations. The common denominator has been their pursuit of growth. Through these experiences, Jon has grown passionate about finding the power in our connections to fuel progress.

Jon has held roles in many different areas of these organizations. He has worked as a consultant helping Fortune 500 companies build employee culture, worked in higher education, lived internationally designing and managing training programs for Peace Corp, served as the CEO of a non-profit organization, and led the business operations of a large regional law firm.

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