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Locals have received $3,000+ in Chamber Bucks, but what does that mean for your business?

We are Lakes Proud.

Brainerd Lakes Chamber

The Brainerd Lakes, Crosslake, and Pequot Lakes Chambers are supporting Chamber members by hosting Facebook contests, tagging businesses and getting the word out that small businesses need support right now! Winners of the contests are receiving Chamber Bucks to spend at local businesses. But what is a Chamber Buck?

Chamber Bucks Q&A

What is a Chamber Buck?
A monetary check certificate issued by the Brainerd Lakes Chamber that can be redeemed just like a check at any business in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

How much are Chamber Bucks worth?
Chamber Bucks are issued at the Brainerd Lakes Chamber in a variety of denominations ($10, $15, $25 and etc.).

What do I do if a customer presents a Chamber Buck at my business for payment of items or service?
Simply accept the Chamber Bucks at face value, endorse the back of the check and deposit it into your bank.

What if the customer purchases items and their total is less than the Chamber Buck denomination?
The intent of the Chamber Bucks Program is to use the entire value of the check at one time, so please encourage your customers to do that. However, this is a monetary certificate at its face value, we suggest the customer use the buck for at least 80% of its value and change be given for no more than 20% of its value.

Is there a charge to accept Chamber Bucks?
No, there is no charge to the holder or the redeemer of Chamber Bucks.

Can Chamber Bucks bounce?
No. The Chamber sells $100,000 in Chamber Bucks each year drawn from a well-funded account at Bremer Bank. You’ll have no problem accepting Chamber Bucks. There’s No Risk – You’ll always get paid!

Are you looking for a way to reward your employees?
Chamber Bucks are a great gift, prize or reward and can be purchased at any of the Chamber offices. It’s just one way your Chamber is working to promote the Lakes Proud message. Dollars spent in our communities, strengthen our communities.

How are Chamber Bucks a Win-Win?
The recipient of the Chamber Buck won it as a prize or received it as a gift. He/she has chosen to spend it at your business! Thank them for patronizing your business as they celebrate their win or gift and put cash in your till!

Support Local Businesses! Support our local businesses and be Lakes Proud by contacting Paula Davis to purchase Chamber Bucks!



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