Blue Ox Success Series: Stand out in a Crowd


How can you stand out as an individual? A professional? The one to call?

Customer-focused is an overused, poorly understood, phrase. Many small business owners think they are customer-focused when in reality they are open to any customer, which doesn’t help define how to attract clients or customers. In this free Success Series Workshop, you will learn to apply proven marketing principles to your unique business circumstances so you can Stand Out in a Crowd!

You will learn how to:

  1. Understand your clients and their key buying factors.
  2. Develop a complete package for your service.
  3. Exceed expectations when delivering your service.
  4. Build an active referral system.

Meet the speaker

Steve "Hudson" Cotariu

By any measure, Steve has an unusual background: West Point graduate with over a decade in the Army, a Wharton MBA with two decades in business, a public company division president, and a small business owner. He has deep knowledge and experience in marketing and has successfully used that knowledge to build both a personal and a business brand.

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