Chamber Bucks a win for local businesses in the Brainerd Lakes Area


Support our local businesses and economy through the Chamber Buck program! Chamber Bucks are an easy and effective way to support shopping local at small businesses across the Brainerd Lakes Area. Show off your Lakes Proud spirit and help us make sure that dollars spent here, stay here. 

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Chamber Bucks Q&A

What is a Chamber Buck?
Chamber Bucks are an incentive to help support local businesses. Chamber Bucks are a monetary check certificate issued by the Brainerd Lakes Chamber that can be used just like a check at businesses all around the Brainerd Lakes Area.

How much are Chamber Bucks worth?
Chamber Bucks are issued at the Brainerd Lakes Chamber in a variety of denominations ($10, $15, $25 and etc.).

How do I spend my Chamber Bucks?
Simply present the Chamber Bucks to the business when you go to pay. The business will process the Chamber Buck just like a check and deposit it in their bank account.

Where can I spend my Chamber Bucks?
We’ve included a list of businesses that have agreed to accept Chamber Bucks. However, any business can accept them even if they’re not on this list. 

What if a purchase doesn’t use the full Chamber Buck amount?
We encourage you to use the entire value of the Chamber Buck check at one time. However, this is a monetary certificate at its face value. If you don’t use the entire value at one time, change can only be given for no more than 20% of its value.

Do Chamber Bucks expire?
Chamber Bucks have an expiration date (one year from the date printed). If your Chamber Bucks expire before you get a chance to use it, you can exchange it for current Chamber Bucks.

What do I do if a customer presents a Chamber Buck at my business for payment of items or service?
Simply accept the Chamber Bucks at face value, endorse the back of the check and deposit it into your bank.

Is there a charge to accept Chamber Bucks?
No, there is no charge to the holder or the redeemer of Chamber Bucks.

Can Chamber Bucks bounce?
No. The Chamber sells $100,000 in Chamber Bucks each year drawn from a well-funded account at Bremer Bank. You’ll have no problem accepting Chamber Bucks. There’s no risk – you’ll always get paid!

How can I purchase Chamber Bucks?
Businesses and individuals may purchase Chamber Bucks at the Brainerd Lakes Chamber admin office. Call or email Paula Davis ahead of time, and she will have them ready for you to pick up. Please note that the Chamber does not accept credit cards as payment for chamber bucks as we do not charge a fee for purchasing them. We accept cash or check. For other payment options, contact Paula.

Purchase Chamber Bucks

Support our local businesses and be Lakes Proud by contacting Paula Davis to purchase Chamber Bucks! Email Paula at or call (218) 822-7127.

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