Blue Ox Success Series: Lessons in Customer Service

Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce


Learn customer service best practices for your entire team with this Success Series workshop. We’ve included two sessions – a morning session for leaders and owners and an afternoon session for frontline professionals.

Morning Session: For Leaders & Owners (9-11AM)

Who should attend: This session is specifically for leaders, managers, and owners.

About the Morning Session for Leaders
Businesses would be nowhere without their customers. And yet, noteworthy customer service seems to be disappearing. Of course, as owners and leaders, you want good customer service to define your business and organization, but have you really thought about what this looks like for you? In this fun and engaging presentation, we’ll take a deeper look from a leader’s perspective at the role of customer service as we define core customer service beliefs, examine motivation in the workplace, and review ways to ensure consistent customer service from our newest employee to our most seasoned professional.

Key Takeaways for Leaders

  1. Gain clarity on what exceptional customer service means for your business or organization, while establishing core beliefs that align with your leadership values and objectives.
  2. Explore strategies that foster a culture of motivation and engagement among employees, ensuring everyone is committed to delivering consistent and exceptional customer service experiences.
  3. Learn practical techniques to ensure that every member of your team – from newcomers to seasoned professionals – consistently embody your customer service ethos, while enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Afternoon Session: For Frontline Professionals (2-4PM)

Who should attend: This session is specifically for frontline professionals.

About the Afternoon Session for Frontline Professionals

Frontline workers are ambassadors of your business, but do they know how to be good ambassadors of customer service? Too often, leaders assume their employees know how to act and handle sensitive interactions when they don’t. This session will cover those basic behaviors and “ways of being” that we ALL must display and perform no matter our job, career, or profession.

Presented by notable speaker Ted Schick, this presentation is a fun and practical look at customer service based on Ted’s own real-life experience. Attendees will leave the workshop with the fundamentals and skills needed to provide excellent customer service. We all serve someone. Let’s make sure our people know how! Send your frontline professionals.

Key Takeaways for Frontline Professionals

  1. Equip frontline professionals with the understanding that they are ambassadors of the business or organization, while emphasizing the importance of their role in shaping customer perceptions and experiences.

  2. Provide frontline professionals with the foundational behaviors and attitudes necessary to handle sensitive interactions effectively, ensuring consistent and high-quality customer service regardless of job title or industry.

  3. Empower all participants to embrace their role in serving others, regardless of their specific job or profession, thereby fostering a culture of excellence in customer service throughout the organization.
Ted Schick Headshot of a middle aged white male wearing a blue shirt and sport coat

Meet the Speaker: Ted Schick

Residing in Fredenberg Township, just north of Duluth, Ted Schick is a professional speaker, corporate trainer, and consultant with his own business since 2009, Schick Corporate Learning. A retired naval officer who rose from the enlisted ranks, Ted has over 30 years of experience leading people. Ted holds a BA Business from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, received a teaching certificate from Bemidji State University, and a Master of Education from the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

Thanks to the support from Anderson Brothers Construction, a small business rate of $30 per person is available for Chamber Member businesses with 10 employees or less. When registering, choose either the Morning Session for Leaders & Owners or the Afternoon Session for Frontline Professionals. Individuals may attend both morning and afternoon sessions if they so choose. 

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