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2022 Celebration of Excellence

We invite you to 'Team Up' with us and Widseth this November for the 2022 Celebration of Excellence! We are thrilled to celebrate our business award winners and their accomplishments. Gather your crew and RSVP to reserve your seat or table.

Meet the award winners

Bob Spizzo, Breezy Point Resort

2022 Business Legacy Award

LINDAR / Avantech / TRI-VEN

2022 Business Excellence Award

Kavanaugh’s Sylvan Lake Resort

2022 Lakes Proud Small Business of the Year Award

2022-2023 Leadership Experience

Join a growing group of more than 500 individuals who have graduated from our Leadership Experience program. This 9 month, 10 session program is designed for emerging leaders and high-potential employees to develop essential skills and insights into their leadership character.

2022 Visitor Guide

Explore the Brainerd Lakes Area like a local with the area's largest and most comprehensive tourism publication. Discover resorts, dining, recreation, things to do, and more.

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