Statewide mask order and what it means for businesses

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The Governor’s statewide mask order is now in effect. It requires face coverings (mouth and nose) in indoor spaces and public buildings, and in similar outdoor settings where social distancing is not possible. The Chamber is encouraging compliance so that businesses remain open. We will continue to push for easing restrictions now that another safety measure is in place. The order has no defined end date.

Businesses are required to:

  • Ensure workers and customers are masked.
  • Update COVID-19 preparedness plans to include masking.
  • Treat non-compliant customers as you would any other customer violating a company policy.
  • Post signage indicating masking is required (see printable poster link below).

Mask-wearing exemptions include young children and those with self-identified medical issues, disabilities or performing physically strenuous activities. If masks cannot be worn, the state encourages plastic face shields and/or social distancing.

Thankfully, businesses are not required to refuse service to customers without masks but only to make a “reasonable effort” to ensure compliance. Those who don’t comply risk a petty misdemeanor fine of $100 per individual or $1,000 per business. Local police and the Minnesota Departments of Labor and Health will be responsible for enforcement. More information and details can be found here. Please contact the Chamber if you have specific questions, and we will do our best to find answers quickly.

Lake Country Cares Poster

Download “Wear a Mask” Posters to Comply with the Order

We’ve worked with our Lake Country Cares partners to create “Wear a Mask” posters that meet state requirements. The primary message is to “Keep Lake Country Businesses Open.” Simply click this link to download and print various sizes and versions!

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