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We are Lakes Proud.

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Restaurants are now open!

The forecast calls for warm weather that’s perfect for outdoor dining! Check out our updated Lakes Proud Restaurant Guide with outside dining options highlighted. Our restaurants have been working hard on their reopening plans and are excited to welcome you!

View, download and print the Lakes Proud Restaurant Guide! It features updated information on more than 100 local hot spots in the Brainerd Lakes Area! Please remember to call ahead and verify details before you pick up your delicious food and beverage orders!

Here are three things you can do to help our restaurants:

Eat/drink out as much as possible!
And when you do, post yummy pictures on social media. It helps a lot!

Share this guide with your family, friends and coworkers!
Whatever you do, don’t keep it to yourself!

Buy gift cards for yourself and your employees!
This has the same effect as a no-interest business loan without all the red tape!

Thanks for helping us strengthen the businesses that strengthen our communities! #LakesProud

Do you represent a restaurant, bar or brewery that would like to update your info or add a listing to the guide? Email Donna Houchin at

4 thoughts on “Lakes Proud Restaurant Guide”

  1. How can we help support our lakes communities?
    I’m a Lakes Proud cabin owner member of the beautiful Brainerd Lakes community. I think I speak for many other weekend and summer proud community members who are conflicted with this unprecedented restricted travel situation when I say “we want to help”. We certainly do not want to do harm to our wonderful lakes community, and we have been asked not to travel. Yet, we see the need, and want desperately to support our lakes community families that have supported us through the years in these unprecedented COVID-19 times.

    I saw the Mills Auto group idea about gift cards and love it, and thought, how could we expand their wonderful idea? Could you please post a location(s) where we can purchase gift cards for our favorite community businesses? Could the Chamber help set this up, or do you know of a local business that is willing to re-purpose their underutilized staff and resources to support this effort? Do you have insight as to where there are other special needs? I think we would all be willing to pay a 5-10% surcharge on the gift cards knowing that it’s not for profit, just to pay salaries and supplies. (Oh, and not just Brained, our neighboring smaller communities need help too.) I’m proud to pay taxes, but it is just not enough right now. I was thinking maybe if each cabin owner ( there about 122,000 of us in Minnesota) purchased a recurring two $50 gift cards a week (or more) to their favorite local business that they would typically support anyway, we could inject about $6 million a week into the Minnesota local and rural economies. I know this may be more than these businesses need to get by this spring, but we trust that any excess funds in the hands of our caring local business owners will be payed forward, or payed out to exactly where there is urgent need right now: Food shelves, Healthcare Facilities, Churches, Families out of work, Shelters, and struggling businesses that just need a small boost to get through this. By the way, we see our business owners are already doing this, we’re proud of you 🙂

    We’re all a community together. Let’s find ways to make it easier to help each other and pay it forward until we can all get back together this summer.

    Kind Regards,
    Jay Johnson
    Lakes Area Community member and small cabin owner

    1. Brainerd Lakes Chamber

      Hi Jay! We LOVE your support and enthusiasm. We have a plan in the works to promote the purchasing of local gift cards. Stay tuned for more info coming soon! #LakesProud

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