Save the date for Leader's Edge: Our NEW signature leadership development program

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A two-day retreat to inspire you to make the link between leading and succeeding.

Leaders, there has never been a better time to grow your leadership skills. Now, more than ever, the need to invest in yourself is critical.  

You will be able to immediately measure success by experiencing increased levels of morale, initiative, and confidence. You’ll quickly notice improved communication, delegation that empowers people, and a keen focus on helping to support the goals and the vision of your organization.

You’ll witness a deeper understanding of “identity” – mission, vision, and core values. You’ll experience how accountability and expectations eliminate negativity and complacency disappears. You’ll gain insight into how issues are replaced with solutions and why it matters now as you and your team are exhausted from the multitudes of change.  

This two day retreat is designed with you in mind. We know it’s been a crazy couple of years. Take time to connect with your leadership purpose, make life-long connections with your fellow Brainerd Lakes Area leaders, and continue to build your Leader’s Edge.

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Day 1

Morning: Enhance Perceptions
Clearly define leadership, develop a unifying culture, identify priority goals

Afternoon: Elevate Priorities
Raise expectations, delegate with a purpose, increase accountability

Day 2

Morning: Empower People
Communication, cultivation, collaboration

Afternoon: Exceed Possibilities
Have a plan, build leaders, become a visionary leader


Build your resiliency. Build your leadership language.

Questions? Contact Paula Chapulis.

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