U.S. Representative District 8

All candidates listed above were contacted by the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce for participation in this Voting Guide. Responses received from our questionnaire are published exactly as submitted, with no additional editing. Please note that candidates marked with * did not respond.

Quinn Nystrom

Quinn Nystrom

Political Office: Congress, MN-08
Political Party: DFL
Age: 34
Family: Married
Occupation: Small business owner
Contact: 218-270-4439

Make healthcare affordable

Solve COVID-19 so that businesses can reopen again safely. Deliver more PPE, testing, and funding for a vaccine. Support small businesses so they can get through this crisis without bankruptcy or firing employees. Fund rural broadband internet expansion along with an infrastructure package. Make healthcare more affordable for employers.

As a former Baxter City Councilor, I’ve worked frequently with the business community. It’s critical to reach businesses to hear from them about how issues affect them and their bottom line. I also prioritize having an open-door policy that keeps me accessible to members with concerns.

I was very encouraged to see the recent expansion of broadband and investment tax credits for startup businesses. If an area doesn’t have access to internet, they can’t be part of a 21st century economy. We must continue to expand internet access for Greater Minnesota.

I’ve fought for more affordable healthcare and prescription drugs since I was a teenager. I get things done, having helped pass the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act and organize the Caravan to Canada. And as a former City Council member I know how to work with conservative colleagues.

Pete Stauber

Pete Stauber

Political Office: U.S. Congress – 8th congressional district
Political Party: Republican
Age: 54
Family: Wife Jodi, four children and a foster baby
Occupation: Police officer of 23 years (Retired)

Service, Leadership, Conservative

Before the pandemic struck our economy was churning at historic levels. Unemployment was the lowest since before we landed on the moon. Through pro-growth policies that encourage job growth and promote the American spirit, we can get our economy moving again so small businesses and working families can prosper.

I consider the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce an ally in fighting for our way of life. Endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, I am never more than a call or email away. It’s vital for me to hear from you on the issues that matter to you most.

Government bureaucracy, red tape, and onerous regulations are a barrier to small businesses. The state government’s mandated closures due to Covid were inconsistently implemented and continue to cause burden, confusion, and stress for the business community. We need to encourage, not discourage, entrepreneurial spirit and we can reopen safely.

My priority is my constituents and I am humbled to be your congressman. For the past two years I have been learning from you. It has been a privilege fighting for our way of life, and I would be honored to receive your vote to continue advocating on your behalf.

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