Pequot Lakes Council Member (Elect 2)

All candidates listed above were contacted by the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce for participation in this Voting Guide. Responses received from our questionnaire are published exactly as submitted, with no additional editing. Please note that candidates marked with * did not respond.

Pete Clement

Pete Clement

Political Office: City Council
Age: 61
Family: Wife (Lynne), daughter (Maggie), and some (Sam)
Occupation: Construction

Honest, knowledgeable, civic-minded

The local businesses are the back bone of this community. I want to see local businesses flourish and support new businesses, while preserving our small town charm.

Forming authentic relationships with local business owners, participating in honest conversations.

Pequot lakes has been successful at encouraging business growth by forming citizen committees who make recommendations to the city council.

I am a former city employee with a good understanding of the city’s policies and infrastructure. My family and I’s home and business are in the city limits and therefore I care about keeping the quality of life up, and the taxes down.

Kent Johnson

Kent Johnson

Political Office: Pequot Lakes City Council
Age: 44
Family: married

Fresh New Voice

I believe that the businesses need to feel like they have someone in city council that is listening to them. Just because the business owner doesn't live in the city, doesn't make their business any less valuable to the city.

First and foremost you have to go into making your decisions based on what is best for the overall city, not just one portion. The business sector of our community is one of those important pieces that needs to be listened to in order for the city to grow.

We, the city, have a huge parcel of land that is ready for us to expand our business potential. We need to use this area to not only get people to live here but to get people to want to visit here.

I moved my family here 3 years ago, but this city and community already feels like a life long home. I want people to feel pride when they say they are from Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. I love how this city comes together and I want to help push it further.

Scott Pederson

Scott Pederson

Political Office: City Council Pequot Lakes
Age: 67
Family: wife, 3 kids, 11 grands
Occupation: Pastor/Photographer

Leader, thinker, intelligent

Continue to make Pequot Lakes an even better place to visit, shop, own a business, work and live. Continue to keep our city safe from crime. Enhance our downtown amenities and improve vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian pathways. Lower property tax rates.

Communication is key. I would continue to call or meet with businesses one on one for input on specific issues. I would continue to form small groups for their comments and expertise. And I’ll continue to support the Chamber, Pequot Lakes Community Action, and Economic Development Commission.

City:The new Heart of the Good Life Business Development and recreational area allows for new business opportunities. County/State/City: Cares Act funds for businesses. City: Improve and streamline the permitting process. Provide grants/loans for expansion and remodeling commercial buildings. Provide tax incentive opportunities. Lower our city tax rate.

Experience: I’ve been a positive voice for business on the council for 8 years and liaison to the Economic Development Commission. I’ve managed and directed multi-staff departments and budgets. I’ve started and own a small business. I’m a thinker, an idea person and problem solver who welcomes a good challenge/opportunity.

Mimi Swanson

Mimi Swanson

Political Office: Board Member Pequot Lakes City Council
Age: 70

Motivated. Balanced. Honest.

Encourage our citizens to BUY LOCAL. Small business generates economic growth and stability. We must create a culture that supports and encourages small businesses through tax incentives and grants. I also believe in less governmental regulation.

I believe it is important to be visible in the community. I ask questions, listen to opinions of others, and strive to be an honest motivated council person in discussions with citizens and business owners in the City.

The City of Pequot Lakes' Economic Development Commission has worked very hard to promote the HEART OF THE GOOD LIFE, a shovel ready parcel of land ready for public or private development. This will equate to new revenues for our city, new jobs, and new opportunities for our city.

I am motivated, honest and balanced. My first four years of service to the city have given me the understanding and confidence needed to perform the job required of an elected official. I am the best person for the position of councilman for the City of Pequot Lakes.

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