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All candidates listed above were contacted by the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce for participation in this Voting Guide. Responses received from our questionnaire are published exactly as submitted, with no additional editing. Please note that candidates marked with * did not respond.

David Nevin

David Nevin

Political Office: Mayor
Age: 63
Family: Married, 5 children, 4 grandchildren
Occupation: Self employed – Construction
Contact: 218-820-3568

Objective, Conservative, Approachable

Our community is based on tourism and water quality. I fully support all businesses. I will do my best to lower taxes, have less regulations and improve services to support the lifeline to our community. I have done this in the past and will continue to do so.

I am a very approachable person. I will listen and get opinions on current issues and will always be fiscally responsible with solutions based on public opinion.

Zoning changes have lessened restrictions on businesses. We need to continue to encourage/support events in town that attract tourists. A walkability and parking plan need to continually be developed. I will always be open to suggestions from the business community and all residents.

I will fight for the common good of the community. I will be objective in decision making and I will always take a fiscally responsible approach to spending .I will continue to seek the opinions of the community.

Patty Norgaard

Patty Norgaard

Political Office: Mayor for Crosslake

Leader, Truthful, Trustworthy

Local Economy - Maintaining the necessary infrastructure to support business and provide for continued growth. Environment - Our lakes are the economic engine that drives our economy and must be the number one priority. Fiscal Responsibility - In everything we plan and do, we must be mindful of taxpayers resources.

Communication is the key to success in any endeavor and seeking the input of all stake-holders is critical. I've worked with the business people of this community for nearly 15 years through EDA and I'll continue to seek input and communicate with business leaders as we move forward together.

Businesses succeed and grow in communities that have a vigorous Comprehensive Plan that provides a road map for the future and a solid infrastructure plan that addresses utilities, roads, communications and schools. We will need to focus on our strengths and create a vision and a path for the future.

First of all, I have a proven record of accomplishment and leadership in both business and in civic affairs. And, I'm committed to my community and will continue to strive to make Crosslake an even more attractive place for residents and visitors alike to live, work and play.

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