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All candidates listed above were contacted by the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce for participation in this Voting Guide. Responses received from our questionnaire are published exactly as submitted, with no additional editing. Please note that candidates marked with * did not respond.

Rick Ferrari

Rick Ferrari

Political Office: Crosby Mayor
Age: 63
Family: Wife, 5 children, 8 grand children
Occupation: Retired business owner

integrity, transparency, caring

To have efficient government. Right now Crosby has the highest city tax rate for towns in Crow Wing County. If Crosby would lose the LGA monies received by the state, the taxes would have to double. We have been warned of possible cuts coming to LGA.

Indirectly, mostly through Cuyuna Lakes Chamber. The City of Crosby should support the energy this organization has. Crosby is truly blessed to have such wonderful people. Directly, would be to act as liaison between business and city government.

Being a 3rd generation business owner here and having my own for 35 years, I struggle with this question. Over the years more taxes, regulations and demands have constrained the business community. Business investment capital will always go to where it is the most friendly.

I will always do what is in the best interests of the citizens. For they are the ones that own this town. The greatest asset this town has is the number of good people here.

Joanna Lattery

Joanna C Lattery

Political Office: Mayor- Crosby
Age: 72 years Young
Family: Married, 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 6 great
Occupation: Accounting Administrator and Realtor
Contact: 218-232-7102

Committed, Honest, Fighter

Listen, research, assist. Without the businesses or residents there is no City. Think outside the box, assist businesses with their tax base with the county. Continue to promote ALL Business through our Economic Development Committee. What is good for one is good for all just not a special few!

Talk directly to the owners, receive assistance from the Crosby Economic Development Committee in how we can help promote, receive grants for the businesses as well as possibly quarterly meetings with ALL business owners. I would hope they would include some of the employees as they can have excellent ideas.

Equal opportunity for all! Addressing the ordinances and bring them up to date. The continued support of council and committee members in starting conversations with a business that shows interest in coming to Crosby, find out what is stopping them. Research those obstacles see what can be done.

I was Mayor of Crosby from 2013 through 2016. During that time I & council were able to reduce levy to no increase in 2015, and in 2017 (set in 2016) the levy was reduced by -4.20%. Continue to serve the Crosby community on commissions and committees. Honesty with integrity.

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