Breezy Point Council Member (Elect 2)

All candidates listed above were contacted by the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce for participation in this Voting Guide. Responses received from our questionnaire are published exactly as submitted, with no additional editing. Please note that candidates marked with * did not respond.

Rebecca Ball

Rebecca Ball

Political Office: Breezy Point City Council seat
Age: 38
Family: My husband Kyle and two sons, Orion (6), Fitz (2)
Occupation: Attorney

Experience, education, commitment.

Foster economic development by supporting entrepreneurs, business expansion and retention. This includes supporting our local businesses who have lost revenue as a result of COVID-19.

Gather input early and often through the use of focus groups, surveys, workshops, open houses, and the use of city booths at existing community events.

The City has had great success collaborating with public/private partners to ensure that business growth is strategic, sustainable and makes the community a better place to live. Through public engagement, the City has identified a need to review site development regulations to ensure they encourage development rather than impede it.

My experience, education, and commitment to the City and residents. Having served on the Council for 3.5 years I am passionate about and understand the issues and opportunities of the City. I am also focused on maintaining safe neighborhoods, improving parks, and supporting the development of a centralized gathering space.

Lee Brisbin

Lee Brisbin

Political Office: Breezy council
Political Party: republican
Age: 55
Family: two children.ages thirty two and twenty seven
Occupation: owner of Pelican lake handyman services

transparency honesty fairness

I feel local business should get a fair shake at succeeding in there a small business owner

I would make sure the city encourages local growth an not chase people away with unnecessary rules that create more struggles for the local business.In

I feel the city could be more open for growth instead of shutting people down and not giving them a chance. I see too many big guys come here and push out the little guys. I see local guys in the trades that get pushed away because of city restrictions.

I think people should choose me because of the relationships I have made over the years in my business and the communities respect. I have heard there concerns of issues of the cities decisions and have not considered the peoples voices. I will stand for them and make that change.

Mark Miller

Mark Miller

Political Office: City Council
Political Party: Republican
Age: 43
Family: Jennifer, Tyler, and Wyatt Miller
Occupation: General Contractor

Driven, Out-Spoken, Compassionate

I believe that the success of our local economy is dependent on the success of our small business owners, and that our city becomes stronger as we encourage our community entrepreneurs grow their businesses and further their development.

As an elected official, I would support local businesses and approach them in a proactive manner, to hear their concerns, to brainstorm ideas and solutions that produce positive results and are beneficial to those involved.

In my opinion, the City of Breezy Point has had great success in the Hospitality and Resort business, and it encourages future development of that industry.
I believe that Breezy Point can continuously improve on growing its commercial base as the market allows for such expansion.

If Elected, I want to be a voice for the residents of Breezy Point.
My focus as a city council member will be to preserve our beautiful community, to prevent change that takes away the people's rights, and to make myself available to those needing to be heard

Gary Mitchell

Gary Mitchell

Political Office: City Council, Breezy Pt.
Age: 79
Family: Wife and 2 children
Occupation: Pilot [ Retired]
Contact: Gmitchell@outlook.webapp

Honesty, Integrity, Conservative

Business is the heart of any community, Breezy is no different. We need to help our businesses to thrive. We need more business and can encourage it through reasonable taxes, licensing fees and providing good locations with good accessibility and surroundings.

COVID-19, has hurt many of our businesses. As an incumbent I have worked to give licensing relief to those who have been affected. I will work to do anything I can to help business to thrive and survive in our city!

Breezy Point is one of the most desirable and beautiful areas in our state! Providing more good locations a desirable tax base and helping businesses any way we can! Our airport is another valuable asset making our city very accessible.

I am a common sense person. I care about people and their surroundings. I will continue to work to make Breeze Pt. a very desirable city to work and play in. Tourism is our most important asset and we need to promote that environment.

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