Brainerd Council Member at Large (Elect 2)

All candidates listed above were contacted by the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce for participation in this Voting Guide. Responses received from our questionnaire are published exactly as submitted, with no additional editing. Please note that candidates marked with * did not respond.

Jan Lambert

Jan Lambert

Political Office: Brainerd City Council, At-Large
Age: 66 years young
Family: widowed, 2 daughters and spouses and 8 grandchildren
Occupation: Retired LPN
Contact:, home 218-828-0165, cell 218-821-3364

Confidence, flexible, integrity

Priority-Growth and prosperity for the community. Enhancing what employers have learnt from employees having to work remotely. Encouraging local support for business and determine new growth. Education for everyone to overcome COVID 19 and thrive together.

The businesses in this community are the heartbeat of our success. Listening to their challenges, determing their needs and how to help them to meet them, weighs heavily on the decisions that I might face.

I am encouraged with the decision we made to open outdoor seating for our restaurants and bars. We did this through relaxing the restrictions. That was a positive step for their business. That in my opinion is the greatest success during this time.

I am the ideal candidate because I have a keen outstanding of how the government functions. I am a strong advocate for people, businesses and community. I dedicate the time, resources and research to obtain the best outcome. I display compassion towards the people that I work with and for.

Mike O'Day

Mike O'Day

Political Office: Brainerd City Council – Alderman at Large
Age: 33
Family: Wife Ali, Daughter Charli, retriever Sydney
Occupation: Chiropractor

Positivity. Prosperity. Pride.

A business friendly climate is a top priority for me. Businesses have enough regulation to deal with, and though the city has to maintain order of its ordinances, we should have an attitude of gratitude toward those businesses that provide jobs for our residents, working together towards solutions.

As an at large candidate, I would be available for anyone to talk to. Protecting small business is vital, especially right now. Establishing a more diverse array of large businesses with high paying jobs would feed into small businesses in return. Positive growth requires balance. We need to establish balance.

The destination downtown contest and property improvement programs have been great for renewed change. We need to expand on that momentum downtown, and into our supporting neighborhoods to fuel city wide growth. If we could put some similar focus on our industrial park, everyone would benefit.

Big changes require many small changes over time. I will be a new voice for positive change and prosperity. People are moving here for obvious reasons. We need to establish a positive economic state of growth that will benefit this city for decades. I'm ready to help with that.

Cheryl Petersen

Cheryl Petersen

Political Office: City Council – Alderman-at-Large
Age: 62
Family: Daughter, sister of six, mother of three, grandmother of eight.
Occupation: National Boxer Rescue founder/pres., nonprofit animal organization

Friendly, determined, respectful.

To make sure that each local business is supported equally by our business leaders and that they all have their opportunity to shine, gain customer base and grow. Working together has always been a priority for me and a successful model.

Open, friendly communication lines, I would be grateful to hear from all facets via scheduled round tables, call-ins, open emails, whatever it takes to make sure everyone’s voice is heard in order to make a fair and honorable decision.

Encouraging small, locally-owned businesses have in my opinion been very successful. I know that our city relies greatly on tourism for support, and rightly so. I would also just as strongly like to see as much support for our local shoppers, customers.

I’m a lifetime Brainerd resident who cares greatly for our city, our businesses and growth but more importantly our people and community as myself and my family are a longtime part of it. I’m devoted and not afraid to speak up for the people.

Kevin Stunek

Kevin Stunek

Political Office: Brainerd City Council at-Large
Age: 68 years old
Family: A wonderful wife Sue, two daughters, four stepchildren, and seven grandkids
Occupation: Retired Brainerd Fire Chief
Contact: 218-839-1815

Honest Trustworthy Dependable

Working with businesses, property owners, and residents in assisting them in determining potential property use, working on infrastructure improvements, and capital improvement planning. Keep our focus with our strong history. Continue to work on employment opportunities. Keeping our community safe is always a top priority for our kids and families.

I truly believe communication is a huge key to getting things done. I encourage face-to face discussions. We all have ideas and opinions bring them to the table and come to a calculated plan that works. Always doing what's in the best interest of the community and our citizens.

With the world we are now living in everyone has been challenged. The business loans that have been made available from the state all the way down to the local level has been a god sin. Our businesses would have never survived without them. Continue to work with our businesses.

I have lived in Brainerd 63 years. I understand and believe in Brainerd and it's citizens. I've had the opportunity to work with city government for many years as Fire Chief. I understand the budgets and how the system works. Employees, citizens, families will always come first. Brainerd is Strong!

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