Baxter Council Member at Large (Elect 2)

All candidates listed above were contacted by the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce for participation in this Voting Guide. Responses received from our questionnaire are published exactly as submitted, with no additional editing. Please note that candidates marked with * did not respond.

Mark Cross

Mark Cross

Political Office: Baxter City Council
Age: 60
Family: Wife Nancy, three grown children and three grandchildren
Occupation: Architect
Contact: 218-838-7183

Honest, Trustworthy, Compassionate

Continue to provide cost effective city services that satisfy our users needs. Continue to create a place where people want to come back.

Everyone is invited to participate in our public meetings and respond to information provided in our website and newsletter. We will continue to have focused meetings to get feedback from our users.

Our success is derived from a combination of factors. One of those is our diverse offerings of business/retail to industrial properties with the infrastructure to support many types of business.

As a council member since the early ‘90’s, I have an unique working history of the city. I also know what hasn’t worked in the past. I have served on the Parks, Architectural, Industrial, Long Range Planning, Economic Development and Utilities commissions. I want to continue to serve our city.

Lon Schmidt

Lon Schmidt

Political Office: Write in for Baxter City Council
Age: 66
Family: Wife Tammy, Two daughters, 7 Grandchildren
Occupation: Bus driver/trainer. Past talk show radio host
Contact: 218-821-3886

Not a politician

Being able to listen and understand what the business, small or large is needing. Baxter has flourished over the years and that can continue with leadership that knows common sense mixed with fiscal responsibility will continue a steady and sustainable growth.

I would like the business community to engage me in the plans they have for expansion, growth or just entering the business world. Tell me what is needed and let us find a path that is workable in the short term AND long term goals of the city and business.

The City of Baxter has done a tremendous job in the past of encouraging business growth but their could be some work on eliminating barriers. Land that business people want to build on but there is no sewer and water. This needs discussion and action to solve.

I am not a politician. I have lived in Baxter since 1986. This is my only home and will remain here all year available for personal contact over a cup of coffee even in the winter months. My opponent has said he can communicate from Florida in the winter.

John Ward

John Ward

Political Office: Write In Candidate for Open Seat on Baxter City Council
Political Party: N/A
Family: Sally, wife of 46 years, 4 children and their significant others,
11 grandchildren
Occupation: Retired teacher/coach, Retired MN Licensed Insurance Agent and Former elected State Representative, Mayor and City Councilor
Contact: , 218-828-3626

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Communicator

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy. We need to do all we can to help them grow and prosper. They provide many jobs for our local citizens. I will work in partnership with business leaders to make sure their voices are heard and their needs addressed.

I would communicate with any member of the business community that reaches out to me. I would also reach out to them and welcome any individual or group visit that would provide me with information on their needs and concerns so I could be a better advocate for them.

Currently, a significant barrier is fighting the virus so that all businesses can remain open and operate as safely as possible. I also feel we need continually evaluate our tax structure along with doing capitol improvement projects which help our businesses in their operation/growth, ie roads, water, sewer, etc.

I have the experience, dedication and desire to continue serving and working for the citizens of Baxter. My previous elected positions have provided me with; knowledge, problem solving skills, ability to work collaboratively with everyone, an open mind and developing fiscally responsible budgets. Honesty and integrity are important to me.

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