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Tradeshows present unique growth opportunities for businesses that can’t be replicated by virtual events. Exhibiting at an event like the b2b Showcase allows you to promote new products, meet potential customers, and network with important industry professionals. But to really take advantage of a tradeshow, you need to plan ahead. Find step-by-step information below that will help you get the most out of exhibiting.

Set a clear, realistic goal.

Without a goal or clear message, an exhibit booth can fall flat amid the rush of a tradeshow. Do you want to promote a service? Launch a new product? Network with attendees? Plan ahead and let your employees know what you want to get out of this event and set a specific, actionable goal.

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Plan your exhibit space.

The more interactive and engaging your exhibit is, the more attendees will be draw into your space. Decorate, promote your brand, plan an activity, bring merchandise and swag – make your space FUN! Your booth design and decorating can say a lot about your business. And don’t let the booths next to you outshine your space.

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Invite your customers and clients.

Go through your contact list and invite those you do business with. Include any deal or discount you’re offering at the event in your message. Email and social media are fast and efficient ways to reach large groups of people. Take advantage of the free VIP tickets provided to you and send them to your most important contacts with an extra special invitation.

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Promote the event like it’s your own.

Make it known that you’re going to be exhibiting. Promote the event on your website and social media. Create a newsletter to send to your current and potential contacts. Follow the event on Facebook and start engaging. These tactics will gain extra awareness and bring more people to your booth.

We encourage all businesses exhibiting at the b2b Showcase to promote the event on social media. Download these images and use them on your various media channels. Businesses are also encouraged to share the event on Facebook with an invitation for their followers to attend.

Business Networking Member to Member

Put your best foot forward at the event.

Arrive early and look professional. Matching logo wear will help brand your space. Make sure you’re ready to interact with attendees as they approach your booth. Be friendly and engaging, and plan ahead what you want to say. And remember, show attendees aren’t the only people who might be interested in what you are offer. Other vendors are great prospects and potential clients.

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Connect with attendees after the show.

Have a plan in place to follow up on leads as soon as you are able. Don’t wait a month or two to send information to those who stopped by your booth. By then, hot prospects are likely to have become good customers for one of your competitors. A friendly email or quick phone call will go a long way in turning prospects into clients.

For more information, contact Sue Gallican.

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